Free Online Evaluation Tools for Mobile Occupational Therapists

Jane Bufe, OTD, OTR/L

September 6, 2022

As a mobile occupational therapist with my own private practice, I know how challenging it can be to find free and reputable evaluation tools.

I have compiled a list of free assessments with links that I have used and found helpful. This list is geared toward outpatient therapists that work with adults in their homes. These tools assess personal skills, the home environment, and occupations. I did not create these assessment tools.

Thank you for reading this and for all you do as a therapist to serve adults in their homes.



Source: CDC.gov

Source: leadingagemn.org


Source: myoptumhealthphysicalhealth.com


  • The Saint Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS) Examination

Source: slu.edu

Source: healthmeasures.net

Fall Risk

Source: breakthroughpt.com

Source: sites.manchester.ac.uk.

Source: cdc.gov

Source: cdc.gov

Source: cdc.gov

Source: fallspreventiononlineworkshops.com.au

Measurements (Anthroprometric, Ergonomic, & Biomechanical)

Source: sralab.org

Source: numotion.com

Mental Health

Source: geriatrictoolkit.missouri.edu

Quality of Life

Source: healthmeasures.net

Home Environment

Source: ses.library.usyd.edu.au


Occupations (Activities)

Source: aota.org

Source: alz.org

Source: mdapp.co

Source: sralab.org

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